Based in Hamburg, Germany

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February 16th, 2017

Daydream - Google Playstore


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You're all alone on a micro planet in space when the deadly TERMINOIDS attack you from all sides. Now it's you against a gigantic army of enemies! All that stands between you and death is your gun power and a bomb defusal drone. Experience a stunning looking rogue-like VR shooter with nonstop action. Endless planets, massive bossfights and ultimate firepower awaits you. Fight your way up the Highscore ranks in this addictive one-stick shooter and become a combat legend. How long will you survive until you're planets blows to pieces?


Battle Planet is from the awarded German game development studio THREAKS, creators of the critical acclaimed music adventure BEATBUDDY (available on the Google Playstore). THREAKS already won the German Videogame Award, German Developer Award, Epic Games Award and multiple other international honors. Battle Planet is an exclusive VR shooter exclusively designed for Daydream, Google's platform for high quality mobile VR.


  • Intriguing One-Stick shooting gameplay
  • Rogue-like VR action with endless planets
  • Gigantic boss fights and high score challenges
  • Power weapons, upgrades and dozens of enemy types


Battle Planet Google Daydream Release Trailer YouTube, .mp4

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      About THREAKS

      THREAKS is an indie developer based in Hamburg Germany. The studio likes to design their games loud and wears their speedos tight.

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      Battle Planet Credits

      Sebastian Bulas
      Art Direction, Producing, Sound Direction, Sound Design, Animation, UI Design, Game Design

      Wolf Lang
      Design Direction, UX Design, Marketing, Game Design

      Björn von der Osten
      Programming, Game Design

      Henning Steinbock
      Programming, Game Design

      Olaf Bulas
      Game Design, Level Design, Balancing, QA Testing

      Sönke Seidel
      3D-Modelling, Tech Art, Texturing, Juicy FX

      Raman Djafari
      Concept Art

      Christian Kaufmann
      Music Composing, Voice Recordings

      Matthias Kinnigkeit
      Concept Art, Key Art

      Mohammad Gholam Gharoudi
      Studio Managment

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